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Sheet Metal Fabrication & CNC Machined Parts

From simple brackets and weldments, to complex machined parts and multi-part assemblies. Whether you need one part or a long-term production partner, we can deliver your finished parts when you need them. 

Rapid Prototyping

From 3D printing in a variety of materials, to silicone molds and urethane parts, we offer fast delivery of your prototypes for design validation without the time or expense of production tooling. 

Quick Turnaround Parts

Last minute design changes or product orders? Looking to get your product to market faster?  Our staff has the skills and experience to ensure your projects are done on time, reducing your product development timeline. 

Custom One-of-a-Kind Products

Need a custom display for you trade show, retail store, or marketing event? How about a custom piece of machinery that no one else has? We can quickly design, build, and deliver anything you can imagine. 

About Us

Boomerang Fabrication is part of Creative Design Network, Inc.a full-service product design firm.  Over the past few decades we have built an extensive, in-house manufacturing facility to support the work of our product development engineers and more quickly serve our client’s needs.  

Boomerang provides quick-turnaround of rapid prototypes, sheet metal fabrication, as well as low volume manufacturing, short run production parts, and assemblies.  We do not crowd-source your components; we fabricate, finish, and deliver your parts from our facility in West Bend, Wisconsin. 

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We have the equipment & experience to help you complete any job.

Short Run & Low Volume Manufacturing

We deliver production quality products at the lower volumes that traditional manufacturers won’t do.  This gives you the flexibility to get your product to market faster without the time and cost of high-volume production tooling.  Sheet-metal fabrication, machined and turned parts, plastics, custom products and machines; whatever you need, when you need it. 

Pre-Production & Rapid Prototyping

We’re engineers and product designers, and the outcome of your product is important to us.  That’s why we take the pre-production and the prototype phases so seriously.  Pre-production prototypes allow you to test the functionality of your product using production-quality materials and manufacturing processes.  Final design changes are minimized reducing your time and cost.

Contract Manufacturing & Fulfillment

Do you need a trusted partner to carry out your production steps while you focus on growing your business?  For mechanical and electrical assemblies, from simple weldments to complex machinery, we will fabricate, assemble, warehouse and ship your products wherever and whenever you need them.  We’re your zero-overhead factory. 

Design & Engineering

Need help finishing your design before we build it? Our staff is made up of designers, engineers, and fabricators with extensive experience in new product development.  We’re set up to react quickly to any part of the process with which you need help.  From simple drawings, to complete product design and testing, we can scale our services to meet your needs. 

Design, Engineering and Product Testing 

Water Jet Cutting – Up to 8” thick 

Laser Cutting – Co2, Fiber and Tube 

CNC Machining and Turning 


Castings – Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium 

Sheet-Metal Fabrication – Forming, Bending and Rolling 

Extrusions – Aluminum, Plastic and Rubber 

Tube and Rod Bending 


Wet Coat Painting, E-Coat & Powder Coating 

Anodizing, Plating and Heat-Treating

Welding – TIG, MIG and Robotic 

Custom Tooling and Assembly Fixtures 

Vacuum Forming 

RTV Molding 

Injection Molding 

Assembly, Warehousing and Distribution 

Our Clients

Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for SGM Industries
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for Wacker Neuson
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for Featherweight Spray Booms
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for PM Plastics
Low volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for West Bend Company
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for Solo-Step
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for American Flags Express
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for Specialty Enterprises
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for Vaportek
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for John Deere
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for JL Business Interiors
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for Barrows
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for AT Villa
Low Volume manufacturing & rapid prototyping for ASSA ABLOY

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